We are all human and humans need to create

We are all human and humans need to create

One characteristic of being human is the capacity to materialize an idea. 
You are able to transform something that just exists in your head to something existing in our material world. Not only is this a nice capability to us to make us feel good. We want to feel good. We need it. Therefore, we need to create. 

Since the very beginning, humanity has been evolving through creations. That is why creation is part of human nature. It belongs to us and completes us as individuals and as a species.

We might not always notice we are creating - going from very big things around and outside the world, to little trivial ones in our homes. When you figure out a new recipe for dinner for example or a more effective organization of a closet. All the time we work out an idea, we are creating. 

Seeing our ideas working out gives us levels of happiness and satisfaction. The magnitude of these emotions depends on the impact that this new creation will have in our life and the life of others.

Yes, you can create as well

There are people who dedicate their life to creating. Their jobs are creating businesses, buildings, artifacts, all kind of art; anything you can imagine. But others live their lives going in directions where creativity is not demanded. They work many hours in routine jobs, muting that vital part of our nature.

Do you belong to the last group of people?

Let me remind you then that all humans can create. This belongs to our kind, as also the enthusiasm we feel when we are creating and the happiness and satisfaction of contemplating our creations. To provide yourself with the opportunity of working with enthusiasm and satisfaction, will increase happiness in your life. 

Start to create today

With our ability to create, we can give form to everything we can imagine. And that is not a privilege to some of us, but for all of us. 
Would you like to start being happier and collect all the benefits that happiness brings to your life? Then join me in satisfying the need to create. 

Start right now. Think about what you would like to create. A garden, a piece of furniture, something artistic like a painting or a poem or something useful for the home. Choose an activity that gives you joy and start dedicating a couple of hours per week to work on it. 

Start having fun creating and see where it goes
Am I suggesting you take 8up a hobby? Yes, you could see it like that at the beginning. Soon enough you will notice the benefits of how you feel as a creative human, following our nature of creating. It will become something important in your life that deserves more time, attention and development. 

And who knows? Maybe it will turn into your second job or even your new career. So don't wait. Embrace your natural power to fulfill the need to create.